PluralEyes quickly and automatically syncs multi-camera video and audio footage, eliminating complicated camera setup, timecode and tedious hours of manual syncing.

Detailed Product Description:

PluralEyes automates audio/video synchronization in seconds instead of days, giving video creators and filmmakers ready-to-edit footage without a clapper or timecode. Its new interface and faster workflow revolutionize the post-production process for faster installation with greater control and confidence in sync.

It has always been the fastest sync software on the market. Now new algorithms make it faster and more accurate than any other application. With PluralEyes, you don't have to organize clips before syncing. Just drag and drop all clips at once and let him decide their relationship while he's syncing.


$ 197,00

License to be used on only 1 computer (Windows or Mac) with access for 12 months;

$ 247,00

License to be used on up to 1 computer (Windows or Mac) with access for 24 months;

$ 297,00

License to be used on up to 1 computer (Windows or Mac) with LIFETIME ACCESS.

More about PluralEyes

Here are some examples of productions that PluralEyes can help with:
• Events such as a wedding, conference or news, where you record the event from multiple angles.
• A scripted movie, where you shoot scenes from multiple angles.
• A production where you need better quality audio than your camera can capture. For example, if you are using a DSLR camera, where audio recording capabilities are often inadequate, you can use a portable audio recorder to record sound simultaneously. (This is known as dual-system or dual-audio system recording)
• Events where you find it more convenient to set up a portable audio recorder than using a long cable between a microphone and a camera.
• Stage performances or music video recording where pre-recorded music is played. You can use PluralEyes to sync the camera from the performance to the pre-recorded music files.

Sync should come before editing so PluralEyes moves the clips and analyzes them as much as possible in order to get the best sync. With the touch of a single button, it analyzes audio from your cameras and audio devices and syncs them in seconds.
The software changes the post-production workflow for movies, weddings, events, music videos, commercials and documentaries. We took the tedium out of synchronizing audio and video, doing in seconds what used to take hours or days.
Operational systems:
• macOS
• Windows

How it works in PRACTICE!


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